Spark of light: introduction

  • Title: Spark of light: introduction
    Author: Henitiuk, Valerie; Kar, Supriya
    Year: 2016
    Keyword(s): short stories, Odisha, India, women
    Description: Spark of Light is a diverse collection of short stories by women writers from the Indian province of Odisha. Originally written in Odia and dating from the late nineteenth century to the present, these stories offer a multiplicity of voices—some sentimental and melodramatic, others rebellious and bold—and capture the predicament of characters who often live on the margins of society. From a spectrum of viewpoints, writing styles, and motifs, the stories included here provide examples of the great richness of Odishan literary culture.
    Peer Reviewed: No
    Type of Item: Book Chapters
    DOI: 10.15215/aupress/9781771991674.01
    Publication Information: Henitiuk, Valerie and Supriya Kar, editors. Spark of Light: Short Stories by Women Writers of Odisha. Athabasca University Press, 2016.
    Language: English