The AEIOU mnemonic: using vowels to facilitate caring

  • Title: The AEIOU mnemonic: using vowels to facilitate caring
    Author: Maykut, Colleen; Hung, Sarah
    Year: 2017
    Keyword(s): caring, learning, mnemonic, nursing student, teaching
    Description: Learning experiences must be designed which challenge students to explore nursing from ontological and epistemological perspectives. Educational strategies necessitate utilizing the student’s experiential knowledge as a catalyst for adopting “curiosity” about their future practice to ensure competent, safe, and ethical nurses. Nurse educators must ensure graduates’ capacity to acquire, appraise, and reflect on disciplinary and practical knowledge to enhance their future nursing practice. A unique learning strategy – “The AEIOU Mnemonic” (Assessment, Education, Implementation, Outcomes, and Understanding of the Lived Experience) and clinical case studies, grounded in caring sciences, were developed to foster clinical-reasoning and decision-making in a pre-licensure nursing program.
    Peer Reviewed: Yes
    Type of Item: Journal Articles
    Publication Information: Maykut, C., & Hung, S. (2017). The AEIOU mnemonic: Using vowels to facilitate caring. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 10(1), 583-598. Retrieved from
    Language: English