Giotto's remorse

  • Title: Giotto's remorse
    Author: Mallon,Darci; Mallon, Darci
    Year: 1982
    Keyword(s): Giotto, spatial illusions, Noh theatre, female nude in painting, acrylic painting
    Description: The mask worn by the female referenced a Japanese Noh theatre mask entitled, "The Blind Weakling." Although the artist was not the female in the painting, the image was essentially a self-portrait. Acrylic on four canvas covered panels, 11 feet x 7 feet. Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.
    Notes: Exhibitions: 1984 The Summer Show, Robert Vanderleelee Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta 1982 Recent Works, Woltjen/Udell Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
    Peer Reviewed: Yes
    Type of Item: Visual Arts
    Language: English