Aletheia: the unconcealedness of what-is present

  • Title: Aletheia: the unconcealedness of what-is present
    Author: Mallon, Darci
    Year: 1995
    Keyword(s): drawing, installation, Heidegger, Aletheia, Phosphenes, Helen Keller, Braille, proprioception
    Description: This exhibition, Aletheia: the unconcealedness of What-is present, comprised two ink fingerprint drawings, one entitled Phosphenes and the other entitled, The Braille Pot. These works reflected a study on forms of blindness; blindness in the phenomenological sense as understood through philosophy and as well, as a consequence of the functioning of the brain and retinal system.
    Notes: Exhibitions: 1996 Aletheia: the unconcealedness of what-is present, Eye Level Gallery, Halifax 1995 Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton 1995 Stride Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
    Peer Reviewed: Yes
    Type of Item: Visual Arts
    Publication Information: Mallon, Darci. Alethiea: the Unconcealedness of What-Is Present. Essays by Diana Sherlock and Dionne McAffee. Calgary, AB: Stride Gallery, 1995.
    Language: English