Our red scarf

  • Title: Our red scarf
    Author: Mallon, Darci
    Year: 1997
    Keyword(s): drawing, The Fates
    Description: The image in this work is of toiling hands, knitting a red scarf. The artwork behind the large, suspended panel is a small drawing of the artist’s sister, made when they were children. The work explores the struggle to live and the struggle to accept loss. Installation: four layers of mylar braced with steel were suspended five feet from the wall with three theatre lamps mounted on a ceiling track that aimed light onto the wall. That light reflected to backlight the large drawing, and at the same time, directly lit the small drawing on the wall. Ink, mylar, acrylic, anodized steel, graphite, and paper, 16 feet x 11 feet.
    Peer Reviewed: Yes
    Type of Item: Visual Arts
    Publication Information: Exhibition venues: 2003 Mount St. Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax, NS 2001 Art Gallery of Calgary 2000 Art Gallery of Alberta 1999 L’Oeil de Poisson Gallery, Quebec City, Quebec 1998 Oakville Galleries, Oakville, Ontario. Catalogue essays by Catherine Crowston, Curator AGA; Karen White, Curator, Oakville Galleries; Ronato Vitic, Director, Truck Gallery.
    Language: English