PBSsatellite 1.0: user’s guide

  • Title: PBSsatellite 1.0: user’s guide
    Author: Lefebvre, Nicholas R.; Boers, Nicholas; Godbout, Lyse; Haigh, Rowan
    Year: 2017
    Faculty Advisor: Boers, Nicholas
    Keyword(s): PBSsatellite, gridded satellite data, PBSmapping, spatial analysis
    Description: This report describes the first version of PBSsatellite, software designed to simplify the extraction and statistical analysis of gridded satellite data. This software extends the R Project for Statistical Computing, and it uses PBSmapping, an existing R package, to aid in spatial analysis and the production of plots. The tools found in this package provide users with the functionality necessary to work with data from a variety of sources. Additionally, users are able to write their own data interpretation algorithms and provide them as arguments to some analysis functions within this package.
    Peer Reviewed: No
    Type of Item: Technical Report
    Technical Report Number: MACEWANU-CMPT-TR--2017-1
    Language: English