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Why I teach the controversy: using creationism to teach critical thinking  Honey, Lynne
Human preferences for sexually dimorphic faces may be evolutionarily novel  Scott, Isabel, Clark, Andrew, Josephson, Steven, Boyette, Adam, Cuthill, Innes, Fried, Ruby, Gibson, Mhairi, Hewlett, Barry, Jamieson, Mark, Jankowiak, William, Honey, Lynne, Huang, Zejun, Liebert, Melissa, Purzycki, Benjamin, Shaver, John, Snodgrass, Josh, Sosis, Richard, Sugiyama, Lawrence, Swami, Viren, Yu, Douglas, Zhao, Yangke, Penton-Voak, Ian
Effects of context and relative rank on mate choice and affiliation ratings  Honey, Lynne
Ethanol consumption by rat dams during gestation, lactation and weaning increases ethanol consumption by their adolescent young  Honey, Lynne, Galef Jr, Bennett
Effects of ethanol consumption by adult female rats on subsequent consumption by adolescents  Honey, Lynne, Varley, Kevin, Galef Jr, Bennett
Long lasting effects of rearing by an ethanol-consuming dam on voluntary ethanol consumption by rats  Honey, Lynne, Galef Jr, Bennett
Dominance styles mediate sex differences in Dark Triad traits  Semenyna, Scott, Honey, Lynne