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Who is the real fan for luxury? Generational differences in China  Shan, Juan, Jiang, Ling, Wei, William Xiaojun
Survival strategy of OEM companies: a case study of the Chinese toy industry  Chen, Dezhi, Wei, William Xiaojun, Hu, Daiping, Muralidharan, Etayankara
Integration by emerging economy multinationals: perspectives from Chinese mergers and acquisitions  Muralidharan, Etayankara, Wei, William Xiaojun, Liu, Xiaoyu
Research on identifying important coefficients in Chinese sectors with high industrial wastewater discharge  Zhipeng, Tang, Xue, Fu, Wei, William Xiaojun
Modelling EU FDI deflection between the new EU member states and Chinese provinces  Wei, William Xiaojun, Andreosso-O'Callaghan, Bernadette
A preliminary forecast of the production status of China’s Daqing oil field from the perspective of EROI  Xu, Bo, Feng, Lianyong, Wei, William Xiaojun, Hu, Yan, Wang, Jianliang
Study on the evolvement of technology development and energy efficiency - a case study of the past 30 years of development in Shanghai  Wei, William Xiaojun, Chen, Dexhi, Hu, Daiping
German investment in Ireland and in the central and east European countries  Wei, William Xiaojun, Andreosso-O’Callaghan, Bernadette, Wuntsch, Michael von
Managing political risks of Chinese contracted projects in Libya  Zhang, Juan, Wei, William Xiaojun
Strategic entry and determinants of Chinese private enterprises into Africa  Zhang, Juan, Wei, William Xiaojun, Liu, Zuanshi
Product‐quality failures in international sourcing: effect of institutions  Muralidharan, Etayankara, Wei, William Xiaojun, Zhang, Juan, Bapuji, Hari