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Journalistic independence: how social media are reshaping power structures in news broadcasting  Kohle, Fritz, Raj, Sony Jalarajan, Mazo, Lucille
‘Tweeting’ the news: Twitter journalism as a new age crowd news disseminator in India  Raj, Sony Jalarajan, Sreekumar, Rohini, Kalorth, Nithin
News as compromise: the Indian news media and the evolving trend of paid news  Raj, Sony Jalarajan, Sreekumar, Rohini, Kalorth, Nithin
Video gamer’s dilemma: entertainment versus morality  Raj, Sony Jalarajan, Kim, Jongsung, Kalorth, Nithin
Dynamics of ‘terror reporting’ Indian media and the changing perspective on terrorism  Raj, Sony Jalarajan, Sreekumar, Rohini
Music, song lyrics, philosophy and human values: exploring poet Kannadasan's contributions to the Tamil community worldwide  Raj, Sony Jalarajan, Muniapan, Balakrishnan
From dissemination to response: in search of new strategies for broadcast media in terms of cyclone warnings for Bangladesh  Raj, Sony Jalarajan, Ullah, Mohammad Sahid, Akhter, Rawshon
Generational dissension in August Wilson’s Fences  Jose, Soumya, Raj, Sony Jalarajan