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Deposit Guidelines

How to Deposit Works

Citations for published works by MacEwan faculty, staff & retirees can be emailed to roam@macewan.ca at any time. Copies of unpublished works can also be sent along, including conference papers, creative works, and post-print versions of articles published in subscription journals

Other deposit options:

  • Current faculty members and staff can go to Deposit Works, log in, and submit works using the options provided.
  • Faculty members can select the option to share your works with the library from within MacEwan's eCV annual reporting tool.

Upon receipt, we will review copyright permissions and upload works on your behalf, or follow up with you as needed. In cases where published works cannot be posted openly online, we will link to the Library's copy for MacEwan users to access where possible. 

We will also build you an author/creator profile listing your works. You can edit this profile at any time by logging in to the site and selecting View Profile.

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