Terms of Use


Past and present work may be deposited by any MacEwan University faculty or staff member.

Former employees, including retirees, are welcome to contribute work produced at the university.

Undergraduate student work produced while attending MacEwan University can be deposited with a faculty or staff member's approval.


Deposited work may include digital copies of research, scholarship, and creative activity. Where necessary, records can link to items held in the MacEwan Library collection.

RO@M will not accept administrative items such as meeting minutes, academic calendars, newsletters, and committee reports. Please contact the MacEwan University Archives (archives@macewan.ca) with enquiries regarding the preservation of these materials.

Learning objects should be included only insofar as they reflect creative and scholarly activities and outputs.

RO@M administrators vet items for relevance to the aims and scope of the repository, valid layout and format, and the exclusion of spam. The validity and authenticity of the content of works in RO@M are the sole responsibility of the authors or creators depositing.

RO@M is organized into collections by department, program area, or academic unit. The creation of new collections is at the discretion of RO@M administrators. To recommend a new collection, please Contact Us.


Faculty, students, and staff retain any and all existing copyright to works contributed to RO@M.

By submitting work to RO@M, depositors grant non-exclusive rights to MacEwan University and MacEwan University Library to make items accessible online to others in whatever capacity is permissible under copyright and to take any necessary steps to preserve them.

Repository staff will make every effort to assist depositors in ensuring proper copyright permissions before completing a deposit.


Unless withdrawn due to a copyright dispute or at the request of the depositor, items will be retained for the life of the repository.

The repository will ensure continued readability and accessibility of content through accepted preservation strategies and format migration if a format is in danger of obsolescence. However, it may not be possible to guarantee the readability of some unusual file formats.

MacEwan University Library is not responsible for losing any contributed files or metadata.

In the case of closure of RO@M, MacEwan University Library will notify the MacEwan University community in advance and make an effort to transfer files to an appropriate storage facility or archive. However, the Library makes no guarantee that files will be retained or be accessible in perpetuity.

Access to Items

Anyone may access items openly available in RO@M free of charge.

In most cases, items in RO@M can be reproduced, displayed, performed, and given to third parties in any format or medium for personal research or study without prior permission or charge. Complete bibliographic details should be provided, including a permanent link to the item record in RO@M.

Some items in RO@M are individually tagged with different rights permissions and conditions; it is the user's responsibility to comply with the permissions indicated in the item and its descriptive record.

Anyone may access item metadata free of charge.

The metadata may be reused in any medium without prior permission for non-commercial purposes, provided a permanent link to the original metadata record is given.

Robots must not harvest full items except transiently for full-text indexing or citation analysis.

Withdrawal of Items

Although the removal of items is discouraged, items may be removed at the request of the author/creator/copyright holder.

Items will be withdrawn in the case of copyright or privacy violation, plagiarism, or other legal requirements and proven violations.

Withdrawn items will not be deleted, but removed from public view with metadata retained unless there is a legal requirement to remove the item entirely.