El valle de Ayacucho y el Tawantinsuyo The valley of Ayacucho and the Tawantinsuyo

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Inka , Ayacucho Valley , Peru , archaeological sites
Abstract (summary)
This paper is aimed to assess the situation of the Ayacucho Valley of the Peruvian central highlands before and during the lnka occupation. Until very recently, it was argued that this valley was largely abandoned during lnka times and consequently played no role within the lnka Empire. Because of new fieldwork carried out on the northern portion of the valley, it is becoming evident that in the region there were several important lnka period sites. Before the lnka conquest, the inhabitants of the region occupied sites established in defensive positions and often at higher elevation. Following lnka conquest, most of these sites were relocated to Lower elevations. At the same time, the Local pre-lnka pottery style survived and continued being manufactured during lnka times, as its occurrence at both defensive sites and low elevation sites indicates. lnka related artifacts, however, are present only at lower elevation sites.
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Valdez, Lidio, and J. Ernesto Valdez. "El Valle de Ayacucho y el Tawantinsuyo." Arqueología y Sociedad 14 (2002): 77-98. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/278633225_El_valle_de_Ayacucho_y_el_Tawantinsuyo
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