Dreaming of snow

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flash fiction, snow
Abstract (summary)
All day the snow falls, dropping down in great white flakes that gather themselves into clinging crystalline shapes that vanish as they kiss the ground. The air is alive and thick with falling snow. He sits and watches the gathering whiteness. The snow falls and falls. It obliterates the green of pines and the brown of branches. He watches: the whiteness of the air; the whiteness of the ground. The whiteness of the whale? — summer days, reading Melville, far from now. The drift of snow at the edge of the yard is the breeching back of a white leviathan — exploding into the frozen air to swim this sea of snow.
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Thompson, William. "Dreaming of Snow." Fragmented Voices, March 18, 2022, https://fragmentedvoices.com/2022/03/18/dreaming-of-snow-by-william-thompson/.
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