Solver for delay differential equations

  • Title: Solver for delay differential equations
    Author: Couture-Beil, Alex; Schnute, Jon; Haigh, Rowan; Wood, Simon; Cairns, Benjamin; Boers, Nicholas
    Year: 2016
    Keyword(s): dde, pastvalue, PBSddesolve
    Description: Routines for solving systems of delay differential equations by interfacing numerical routines written by Simon N. Wood , with contributions by Benjamin J. Cairns. These numerical routines first appeared in Simon Wood's 'solv95' program. This package includes a vignette and a complete user's guide. 'PBSddesolve' originally appeared on CRAN under the name 'ddesolve'. That version is no longer supported. The current name emphasizes a close association with other PBS packages, particularly 'PBSmodelling'.
    Peer Reviewed: No
    Type of Item: Software Documentation
    Publication Information: Couture-Beil, A., Schnute, J. T., Haigh, R., Wood, S. N., Cairns, B. J., & Boers, N. (2016). Solver for delay differential equations [PDF]. Retrieved from The R Project for Statistical Computing website:
    Language: English