Observing three points

  • Title: Observing three points
    Author: Mallon, Darci
    Year: 1993
    Keyword(s): existentialism, phenomenology, drawing, fingerprints, Sarte, Merleau-Ponty
    Description: This exhibition at the Glenbow Museum comprised seven large artworks: four made with ink on multiple layers of mylar, braced together with steel, suspended and backlit; and three drawn with ink, chalk, and graphite on panels of BFK paper. The subjects, drawn with the artist's inked fingerprints, were small objects, each with a point: a railroad spike, a boat hook and a tack. The development of this body of work was informed by the artist's interest in existentialism and the phenomenology of perception.
    Peer Reviewed: Yes
    Type of Item: Visual Arts
    Publication Information: Observing three points: Darci Mallon. Essay by Patricia Ainslie, curator. Calgary: Glenbow Museum, 1993.
    Language: English