Pragmatics, blasphemy, and a bloody moose

  • Title: Pragmatics, blasphemy, and a bloody moose
    Author: McLean, Terence
    Year: 2017
    Keyword(s): English as an additional language, education, profanity
    Description: Last week I saw a moose in my long johns. Have you ever endeavored to teach about dastardly dangling modifiers? I did so with this ripping yarn about my wild encounter with a moose while trekking in the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies.
    Peer Reviewed: No
    Type of Item: Journal Articles
    Publication Information: McLean, Terence. "Pragmatics, Blasphemy, and a Bloody Moose." Humanising Language Teaching, vol. 19, no. 6, 2017, Accessed 11 Jan. 2017.
    Language: English