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Quaternary exposures in Whitsand Bay, south-east Cornwall: Downderry and Wiggle Cliff  Furze, Mark F.A.
The shallow stratigraphy and geohazards of the northern Baffin Island shelf: studies to 2012  Bennett, R., Campbell, D. C., Furze, Mark F.A.
Iceshelf instability and the collapsing NW margin of the Laurentide Ice Sheet: core evidence from Viscount Melville Sound, Arctic Canada  Furze, Mark F.A., Pienkowski, Anna, England, John, Esteves, Mariana da Silveira Ramos, Bennett, Robbie, Krywko, Jack, Glembiski, Danna, McLean, Brian, Blasco, Steve
Late Quaternary marine records from High Arctic Canada: problems, solutions, and multiproxy perspectives  Pienkowski, Anna, Furze, Mark F.A., England, John, MacLean, Brian, Von Prause, Markus, Blasco, Steve
Revising the limit of the NW Laurentide Ice Sheet: extensive glaciation in NE Beringia  Furze, Mark F.A., England, John, Doupe, Jonathan
The late Quaternary environmental evolution of the Northwest Passage: a marine perspective  Pienkowski, A. J., Furze, Mark F.A., MacLean, B., Vilks, G., Blasco, S.
Foraminifera: a tool for elucidating past and recent climate change in marine Arctic Canada  Thiessen, Rabecca, Pienkowski, Anna, Furze, Mark F.A., Cage, Alix, Caouette, Alexandre, Coates, Sina