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Phase relations of phlogopite and pyroxene with magnesite from 4 to 8 GPa: KCMAS–H2O and KCMAS–H2O–CO2  Enggist, Andreas, Luth, Robert
Fluid characteristics of a quartz-carbonate vein in the Canadian Rocky Mountains  LaRiviere, Sarah, Enggist, Andreas
Effect of KCl on melting in the Mg2SiO4-MgSiO3-H2O system at 5 GPa  Chu, Linglin, Enggist, Andreas, Luth, Robert W.
TTG-type plutonic rocks formed in a modern arc batholith by hydrous fractionation in the lower arc crust  Jagoutz, Oliver, Schmidt, Max W., Enggist, Andreas, Burg, Jean-Pierre, Hamid, Dawood, Hussain, Shahid
Phase relations of phlogopite with magnesite from 4 to 8 GPa  Enggist, Andreas, Chu, Linglin, Luth, Robert W.