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Male weaponry in a fighting cricket
Multivariate sexual selection on male song structure in wild populations of sagebrush crickets, Cyphoderris strepitans (Orthoptera: haglidae)
The ecological significance of secondary seed dispersal by carnivores
Ecomorph or endangered coral? DNA and microstructure reveal Hawaiian species complexes: montipora dilatata/ flabellata/turgescens & M. patula/verrilli
RNA structural rearrangement via unwinding and annealing by the cyanobacterial RNA helicase, CrhR*
The Ander's organ: a mechanism for anti-predator ultrasound in a relict orthopteran
A LexA-related protein regulates redox-sensitive expression of the cyanobacterial RNA helicase, crhR
Effects of wetland creation on breeding season bird use in boreal eastern Ontario
Pipeline impacts and recovery of dry mixed-grass prairie soil and plant communities
A synthesis of evidence for the effects of interventions to conserve peatland vegetation: overview and critical discussion
Fitness consequences of peak reproductive effort in a resource pulse system