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A day in the park
Effects of interparental conflict during divorce on offspring: a multidimensional investigation
Arqueologia de la Cuenca del Qaracha, Ayacucho, Peru
Anghiari series
Anghiari series
Urban landscape 7
Petrographic and geochemical contrasts between calcite- and dolomite-filled burrows in the Middle Devonian Lonely Bay Formation, Northwest Territories, Canada; implications for dolomite formation in Paleozoic burrows
Izanami - sculpture studies
Self portrait
Exploring new usages of journey maps: introducing the pedagogical and the project planning journey maps
Multiphase U-Pb geochronology of sintered breccias from the Steen River impact structure, Canada: mixed target considerations
Entrevista con EFE TRES Teatro: El Merolico confinado