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Clinoform identification and correlation in fine‐grained sediments: a case study using the Triassic Montney Formation
Controls on the formation of stratabound dolostone bodies, Hammam Faraun Fault block, Gulf of Suez
The effects of dolomitization on petrophysical properties and fracture distribution within rift-related carbonates (Hammam Faraun fault block, Suez Rift, Egypt)
Structural controls on non fabric‐selective dolomitization within rift‐related basin‐bounding normal fault systems: Insights from the Hammam Faraun Fault, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
Subsurface faults inferred from reflection seismic, earthquakes, and sedimentological relationships: Implications for induced seismicity in Alberta, Canada
Meteoric diagenesis and dedolomite fabrics in precursor primary dolomicrite in a mixed carbonate–evaporite system
Fault-controlled dolomitization in a rift basin
Linking fossil reefs with earthquakes: geologic insight to where induced seismicity occurs in Alberta
Quantification of depositional and diagenetic geobody geometries for reservoir modelling, Hammam Fauran Fault Block, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
Origin, dimensions, and distribution of remobilized carbonate deposits in a tectonically active zone, Eocene Thebes Formation, Sinai, Egypt
Origin and evolution of fault-controlled hydrothermal dolomitization fronts: a new insight
Evaluating new fault-controlled hydrothermal dolomitization models: insights from the Cambrian Dolomite, Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin