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Interpretation of reflectance spectra of clay mineral-silica mixtures: implications for Martian clay mineralogy at Mawrth Vallis
Reflectance spectroscopy of beidellites and their importance for Mars
The Mawrth Vallis region of Mars; a potential landing site for the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission
Potential desiccation cracks on Mars: a synthesis from modeling, analogue-field studies, and global observations
Locating buried ruins in the British Isles
Mineralogy of Juventae Chasma: sulfates in the light-toned mounds, mafic minerals in the bedrock, and hydrated silica and hydroxylated ferric sulfate on the plateau
A synthesis of Martian aqueous mineralogy after 1 Mars year of observations from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Phyllosilicate diversity and past aqueous activity revealed at Mawrth Vallis, Mars
Characterization of phyllosilicates observed in the central Mawrth Vallis region, Mars, their potential formational processes, and implications for past climate
Mineralogy and stratigraphy of phyllosilicate‐bearing and dark mantling units in the greater Mawrth Vallis/west Arabia Terra area: constraints on geological origin
What the ancient phyllosilicates at Mawrth Vallis can tell us about possible habitability on early Mars