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Deficits in peripheral visual attention in patients with optic ataxia
Programs for action in superior parietal cortex: a triple‐pulse TMS investigation
Visuomotor adaptation in the absence of input from early visual cortex
Covert face priming reveals a ‘true face effect’ in a case of congenital prosopagnosia
Overlapping neural circuits for visual attention and eye movements in the human cerebellum
Spatial working memory deficits represent a core challenge for rehabilitating neglect
‘‘Real-time’’ obstacle avoidance in the absence of primary visual cortex
Through a prism darkly: re-evaluating prisms and neglect
Neglected time: impaired temporal perception of multisecond intervals in unilateral neglect
Can intention override the “automatic pilot”?
Differential influences of prism adaptation on reflexive and voluntary covert attention
Deficits in reflexive covert attention following cerebellar injury