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Locating buried ruins in the British Isles
Iceshelf instability and the collapsing NW margin of the Laurentide Ice Sheet: core evidence from Viscount Melville Sound, Arctic Canada
Late Quaternary marine records from High Arctic Canada: problems, solutions, and multiproxy perspectives
The late Quaternary environmental evolution of the Northwest Passage: a marine perspective
Altitudinal variability of monsoon precipitation over mountainous region
Diurnal variation of precipitation over Himalayan region
Petrographic and geochemical contrasts between calcite- and dolomite-filled burrows in the Middle Devonian Lonely Bay Formation, Northwest Territories, Canada; implications for dolomite formation in Paleozoic burrows
Multiphase U-Pb geochronology of sintered breccias from the Steen River impact structure, Canada: mixed target considerations