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Positioning structural social work in Indian context

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India, power, practice, privilege, structural, social work

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Postmodern ideologies and human rights movements in the last quarter of the 20th century contributed to the development of a critical, radical approach in social work practice and education in North America. This ‘structural social work’ approach argues that social problems are largely the result of oppressive social structures, not individual deficiencies. Social workers are ethically obligated to change oppressive structures rather than simply helping clients to adjust to them. Structural social work, a transformative approach, can benefit Indian society. This article discusses introducing ‘structural social work’ into an Indian social work context and proposes a framework for its practice.

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Vareed, B.P., Plante, C., & Sebastian, R. (2022). Positioning structural social work in Indian context. International Journal of Social Work, 1-13.


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