Una ofrenda de cerámica ceremonial Wari en La Oroya, Valle de Acarí, Perú

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Middle Horizon, Wari, Ceramic offerings, Acari Valley
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The aim of this paper is to describe and discuss the recent unexpected finding of a cache of ceremonial Wari ceramics at the site of La Oroya, in the Acari Valley, on the Peruvian south coast region. The deposit was found during the excavation of trenches in the streets of Acari to establish the sewer system of the town. One of those trenches cut a deposit consisting of hundreds of sherds from large polychrome vessels resembling those from Conchopata, in the Ayacucho Valley. Because the finding is the first of its kind for the Acari Valley and that its destruction was inevitable, it was decided to carry out an emergency excavation in order to document and uncover the deposit.
Publication Information
Valdez, Lidio. " A Wari Ceremonial Ceramic Offering in La Oroya, Acari Valley, Peru." Revista Chilena de Antropología no. 20 (2009): 189-204. doi:10.5354/0719-1472.2011.14171.
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