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Bidding on aprons

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intervention, Being, Interpreting and Doing (BID), child and youth care

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During the recent 3rd Child & Youth Care World conference in Ventura, California we were hanging about (as CYC people are wont to do) looking at the variety of amazing items on bid for the CYC-Net silent auction. One of the items up for bid was an apron from Newfoundland and Labrador and this led to a conversation about aprons! Alas, only one of us won the apron but we both left with a new appreciation for the valuable versatility of them in our work. So, why are we writing about aprons? Well, the more we talked, the more we realized that aprons are a nice addition to some aspects of child and youth care practice. And, we also realized, an apron is a potentially great tool for Child & Youth Care Workers. Hang on, we will get to the explanation!

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McGrath, J. & Garfat, T. (2018). Bidding on aprons. CYC-Online, 44-48. Retrieved from: The International Child and Youth Care Network @



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