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Book review: Autobiographical comics: life writing in pictures

dc.contributor.authorAbedinifard, Mostafa
dc.description.abstractThe genre of autobiographical comics has occupied an important function in the increasing acceptance of comics as a literary and artistic medium worthy of critical contemplation. This has been particularly the case in Europe and North America during the past few decades. However, a theoretical examination of autobiographical comics had not been subject to a book-length study. El Refaie’s long-awaited book therefore fills a large and consequential gap within comics studies. As someone who was born and grew up in Iran, I come from a culture in which graphic narratives do not play a significant role. In 2009, for the elective portion in my graduate course requirements, I ventured a course on autobiographical comics that focused on the issues of memory and historical representation. The instructor put together a course packet of various essays related to autobiographical comics. This highlighted the need for a general work that could be used as a textbook. I think El Refaie’s book also more than meets such a need.
dc.identifier.citationMostafa Abedinifard. "Autobiographical comics: life writing in pictures." Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, vol. 5, no. 4, 2014, pp. 477-479, DOI: 10.1080/21504857.2014.916330.
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dc.subjectautobiographical comic books
dc.subjectElisabeth El Refaie
dc.titleBook review: Autobiographical comics: life writing in picturesen