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A systematic review of late-life spousal bereavement and widowhood, with an emphasis on immigrants in Western countries, and older Chinese adults

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spousal bereavement, widowhood, older adults, immigrant, Chinese, systematic review

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Spousal bereavement becomes increasingly common among older-aged individuals, posing considerable challenges to adults in late life. Immigrants, and older Chinese immigrants to Western countries, specifically may experience heightened negative outcomes as a consequence of spousal bereavement, due to migratory stress and marginalization. This systematic review aims to summarize the research literature on spousal bereavement and/or widowhood in late life, with an emphasis on immigrants to Western countries in general and older Chinese adults. The paucity of spousal bereavement adjustment studies on older immigrants, and specifically on older Chinese immigrants, highlights the need for further research on this topic in order to inform the development of culturally sensitive interventions for social work services for this population.

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Wang, Q., Walsh, C. A., & Tong, H. M. (2019). Spousal bereavement and widowhood among older adults in China and older immigrants in Western Countries: A systematic review. China Journal of Social Work, 11(3), 211-235. DOI: 10.1080/17525098.2018.1550861.


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