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Formal social participation and utilization of community-based services among urban elderly Chinese living alone in Shanghai, China

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social participation, elderly Chinese, living alone, community-based services

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This research examined formal social participation among elderly Chinese adults living alone and the association between utilization of community-based services and formal social participation, which refers to participation in employment, volunteer jobs, and social groups. Using a secondary analysis on a survey data from a simple random sample of 228 adults aged 60 and older living alone in a Shanghai neighborhood, it was found that only small percentage of older adults living alone were involved in formal social participation. Hierarchical multiple regression analysis showed that use of community-based services is significantly associated with formal social participation among elderly Chinese living alone. Thus, future policies and programs should focus on strengthening community-based services for elderly Chinese, to more effectively promote and facilitate their social participation.

Publication Information

Tong, H. M., Lai, D. W. L. & Walsh, C. A. (2019). Formal social participation and utilization of community service among urban Chinese who live alone in Shanghai, China. Journal of Social Service Research. 45(4), 520-529. DOI: 10.1080/01488376.2018.1481172.


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