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BIPOC community contributions in volunteerism and civic engagement

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BIPOC, community engagement, nonprofit sector

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The purpose of this project is to challenge the lack of representation and acknowledgement in the nonprofit sector, related to helping from the BIPOC community. Dominant discourse and ideology through a neoliberal, western cultural lens highlights deficit-based constructs when it comes to community engagement with BIPOC folks. Through Photovoice and storytelling, we can challenge this deficit-based perspective with positive examples of BIPOC people contributing to community through volunteerism and civic engagement. Volunteer Alberta posted a call for Photovoice submissions through social media and Volunteer Connector, an online volunteer hub. We requested photos from BIPOC community members representing what it means to them to gift their time and energy to helping community either through formal or informal activities. We then asked participants to describe what the photo is depicting, and what is important to them about the image they submitted. Interviews were conducted with 3 participants. Interviews were transcribed and coded for common themes that appeared amongst the participants in relation to their experiences of helping community. Findings demonstrated BIPOC folks are in fact very engaged civically and socially. This suggests more can be done in the nonprofit sector to acknowledge and represent the valuable contributions of BIPOC community members.

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Presented on April 20, 2023 at Student Research Day held at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. Presented at the Faculty of Health & Community Studies Community Engagement Symposium.

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