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Performance for/by/with young people in Canada

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for/by/with, young people, Canada, Canadian, performance, theatre, ethics, advocacy

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This special issue examines the advocacy for and significance of discussing performance for/by/with young people in Canada. It asks how thinking about young people as audience members, creators, and co-creators can expose ideas about who they are, what they want, and what adults believe is good for them. The nineteen writers who contributed full-length articles and forum essays to this special issue demonstrate how attentive consideration to young people complicates creation ethics, aesthetic choices, affective impacts, content decisions, approaches to training, working conditions, and ideas about risk in connection to the performing arts. As the authors discuss how young people imagine, witness, train, and perform, they are simultaneously advocating for the young people they write about, for the specific issues that concern them, and for these perspectives to expand and invigorate broad conversations about Canadian performance for all ages.

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Chamberlain-Snider, S. and H. Fitzsimmons Frey. "Performance For/By/With Young People in Canada." Theatre Research in Canada/Recherches Théâtrales au Canada, 41. (2) 181-188.


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