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A snapshot of gay-straight alliance clubs and student well-being in Western Canadian high schools

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gay-straight alliance, high school, self-determination, bullying, depression

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Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs promote safer school environments for students. GSAs typically refer to student-led, teacher-supported school clubs that serve youth of diverse gender identities and sexual orientations. This study investigated the relationship between students’ awareness of school-based GSAs and their bullying experiences, mental health, self-determination, and relationships at school and home. Findings showed that LGBTQ2S+ students experienced higher rates of bullying and symptoms of depression and scored lower on self-determination subscales than cisgender heterosexual students. Interestingly, students who were aware of their school’s GSA club scored higher on the self-determination subscales regarding family relationships and lower on bullying compared to students who were unaware of their school’s GSA club. LGBTQ2S+ students had lower rates of comfort with their sexual orientation at home and school than their cisgender heterosexual students. Implications and future directions are discussed.

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Di Stasio, M., Alston, L., & Harley, J. (2023). A Snapshot of Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs and Student Well-Being in Western Canadian High Schools. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 38(2), 144–158.


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