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Teaching on the fly: utilizing tablet computers as a mobile teaching/learning modality in undergraduate nursing education

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nursing education, tablet computers, post secondary education

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Limited research has been conducted to gain insight into application of educational theory and practice guidelines when integrating tablet computers (Brown and McCrorie, 2015; Eichenlaub et al., 2011; Rubenstein and Schubert, 2017). The intent of this study was to examine the social-psychological process involved in using tablets in undergraduate nursing education. The substantive theory that is emerging from the findings will not only help form the groundwork for future research that will draw from both inductive and deductive methodologies, but also inform each participant’s knowledge base in the application of pedagogy when integrating mobile learning technologies into undergraduate nursing education. Student and faculty interactions that are facilitated through the use of these devices are in reality a social endeavor.

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Presented on May 6–9, 2018 at NETNEP 2018: 7th International Nursing Education Conference held at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Banff, Alberta.

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