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Assessment activities in teaching first-year engineering mechanics

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engineering education, engineering curriculum

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Assessment activities play a significant role in teaching first-year engineering mechanics courses to ensure that accreditation standards are met. Traditionally, for in-person lecture-based course delivery, assessments involved a mix of problem-solving assignments, lab reports, and examinations. In terms of exams, they were often delivered in a time restricted in-person invigilated setting to uphold academic integrity and ensure that assessments demonstrate course learning outcomes. With the accelerated move to online delivery of lecture material during the Covid pandemic many instructors were required to rapidly transform to an online or blended mode of assessment. This paper speaks to that rapid transformation of first-year assessments and how prior teaching experiences in engineering education were used to ease the difficulty of this transition.

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Lorimer, S. A., & Davis, J. A. (2021, August), Assessment Activities in Teaching First-year Engineering Mechanics Paper presented at 2021 First-Year Engineering Experience, Virtual .



Presented on August, 9-10, 2021 at the "First-Year Engineering Education (FYEE) Annual Conference" virtual conference.

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