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Social inclusion and immigrant older adults

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social exclusion, social inclusion, immigrants, older adults, migrants, immigrant older adults, social participation, civic engagement

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Social inclusion is crucial to older adults as it facilitates them to stay actively; gives them a sense of belonging, purpose, and accomplishment; and enhances their quality of life. Social inclusion also offers opportunities for older adults to continue contributing to the development of society based on their needs, preferences, and abilities. Given the population of immigrants has grown globally, and immigrant older adults are often neglected in policy making, this chapter will discuss the concepts of social inclusion and social exclusion in the context of immigration and specifically for immigrant older adults based on current literature and previous studies. Policy implications and practice recommendations will be outlined.

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Tong, H., Walsh, C.A., Bouchard, N., Lai, D.W.L. (2021). Social Inclusion and Immigrant Older Adults. In: Liamputtong, P. (eds) Handbook of Social Inclusion. Springer, Cham.


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