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Playing, early learning and meaning making: early childhood curriculum unfolding

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children, play, curriculum

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Play, Participation, and Possibilities: An Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta is a sociocultural curriculum framework intended to provoke dialogue on and thinking about young children’s playing and learning. Viewing curriculum as situated, contested and always-already happening in early childhood programs, the authors draw on a mini-narrative of children’s play and educator practices to make visible what it means to co-construct curriculum in the here and now with young children. They describe curriculum-meaning-making processes that support deep and further complexified thinking, including pedagogical dialogue, critical revisiting of pedagogical documentation and curriculum crosschecking. Through honouring young children as mighty learners and citizens, and co-imagining possibilities, multiple new potentialities for children’s play and learning are revealed.

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Makovichuk, L., Lirette, P., Hewes, J. & Aamot, B. (2017). Playing, early learning and meaning making: Early childhood curriculum unfolding. Early Childhood Education Journal, 44(2), pp. 3-10. Edmonton, AB: Alberta Teachers Association (ATA).



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