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A serious game (immunitates) about immunization: development and validation study

dc.contributor.authorde Araujo Lima, Isabela Dantas
dc.contributor.authorPonce de Leon, Casandra Genoveva Rosales Martins
dc.contributor.authorRibeiro, Laiane Medeiros
dc.contributor.authorRodrigues da Silva, Izabel Cristina
dc.contributor.authorVilela, Danielle Monteiro
dc.contributor.authorMonti Fonseca, Luciana Mara
dc.contributor.authordos Santos Nogueira de Góes, Fernanda
dc.contributor.authorFunghetto, Silvana Schwerz
dc.description.abstractBackground: Vaccination is a fundamental part of all levels—local to worldwide—of public health, and it can be considered one of humanity's greatest achievements in the control and elimination of infectious diseases. Teaching immunization and vaccination can be monotonous and tiring. It is necessary to develop new approaches for teaching these themes in nursing school. Objective: We aimed to develop and validate a serious game about immunization and vaccination for Brazilian nursing students. Methods: We developed a quiz-type game, Immunitates, using design and educational theoretical models and Brazilian National Health Guidelines. The game’s heuristics and content were evaluated with 2 different instruments by a team of experts. A sample of nursing students evaluated the validity of the game’s heuristics only. We calculated the content validity index (CVI) for each evaluation. Results: The study included 49 experts and 15 nursing students. All evaluations demonstrated high internal consistency (Cronbach α≥.86). The game’s heuristics (experts: CVI 0.75-1.0; students: CVI 0.67-1.0) and the game’s contents demonstrated validity (experts: CVI 0.73-1.0). Participants identified some specific areas for improvement in the next version. Conclusions: The serious game appears to be valid. It is intended as a support tool for nursing students in the teaching–learning process and as a tool for continuing education for nurses.
dc.identifier.citationLima I, Ponce de Leon C, Ribeiro L, Silva I, Vilela D, Fonseca L, Góes F, Funghetto S (2022). A Serious Game (Immunitates) About Immunization: Development and Validation Study JMIR Serious Games 2022, 10(1):e30738.
dc.rightsAttribution (CC BY)
dc.subjecteducational technology
dc.subjectnursing education
dc.subjectmethodological study
dc.subjectpublic health
dc.subjectnursing students
dc.subjectsupport tool
dc.subjectcontinuing education
dc.titleA serious game (immunitates) about immunization: development and validation studyen


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