Statistics for Research Online at MacEwan

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Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) 281
Blended learning across the nursing lifespan 165
Weight implications on pregnancy outcomes 145
Spatial and temporal differences in Late Neolithic Serovo to Early Bronze Age Glazkovo forager diet in Lake Baikal's Little Sea Microregion, Siberia 112
Characterization of microplastics and anthropogenic fibers in surface waters of the North Saskatchewan River, Alberta, Canada 88
“Carry on”: state censorship and denial of Spanish influenza In Great Britain (1918-19) 76
A sphere of one's own: the eighteenth-century shift from a one- to a two-sex model of sexual difference 74
The effects of mutations on the first two hours of an immune response in Drosophila larvae 73
Disinformation: the hidden weapon of the Russia-Ukraine War 65
Cults: to be or not to be: exploring the topic of cults within anthropology 57