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How To Deposit

Deposit Faculty and Staff Work

Faculty and staff can share all types of scholarly and creative works in RO@M in the following ways:

  • Send a list of citations for published works to
  • Send copies of individual files to
  • Agree to the "Publication Consent" option in the faculty annual report form (eCV) to share citations with us annually.

Repository staff will investigate copyright and let you know if there is anything else we need.

Note: To make subscription-based articles open access, send us a plain text draft version that includes peer-review revisions but no formatting by the publisher, also known as a post-print or author accepted manuscript.

Deposit Undergraduate Student Work

RO@M welcomes exceptional examples of student work with faculty member approval, including coursework, works presented at conferences, creative works, and undergraduate theses.

Students can submit work to RO@M using the Student Work Deposit Form.

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