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Signifi cado Social de la Cerámica Nasca Temprano en el Valle de Acarí, Perú

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Central Andes, South Coast, Early Intermediate Period, Nasca

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The main purpose of this paper is to assess the social significance of the early Nasca ceramics found in the Acari Valley, of the South Coast of Peru. Until recently, Nasca ceramics found in Acari have been used to argue that an early Nasca state centered at Cahuachi invaded Acari, resulting in the eventual introduction of Nasca artifacts. Far from confirming this speculation, scholars agree that Nasca never established a centralized political authority, while recent studies in Acari show that Nasca ceramics never substituted the local pottery tradition. The introduction of the polychrome Nasca ceramics to the Acari Valley appear to be associated with the emergence of local elites who used foreign exotic goods to enhance personal prestige. Samples of Nasca ceramics are found in Acari, but are limited and never replaced the local style.

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Valdez, Lidio. "Significado social de la cerámica Nasca temprano en el valle de Acarí, Perú." Revista Chilena de Antropología 20 (2009):15-35. doi:10.5354/0719-1472.2011.14157.


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