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Teaching a tolerance for ambiguity as a response to crisis learning contexts

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tolerance for ambiguity, design thinking, COVID-19, resilience, Boyer’s definition of scholarship

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Using insights from the changes made to a workshop developed before, but occurring after the pandemic, I describe the usefulness of design thinking activities and approaches to education in the post-COVID teaching era. I argue that design thinking techniques help build awareness around tolerance for ambiguity as an opportunity to inspire creative teaching solutions. This transferable skill is important for our students as soon-to-be graduates, and for faculty looking to build resilience in this uncertain time. Using Boyer’s framework for scholarship, I explore opportunities to connect the teaching and learning goals of students and faculty.

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Long, J. (2021). Teaching a Tolerance for Ambiguity as a Response to Crisis Learning Contexts. In: Fayed, I., Cummings, J. (eds) Teaching in the PostCOVID-19 Era. Springer, Cham.


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