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Up top/down low: devising and higher education in Aotearoa New Zealand and Canada

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devising, higher education

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The chapters in this book tell the stories of devised projects originating in three regions, integrating the voices of practitioners and academics who traverse across those spaces: Canada, Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia. We must acknowledge our implicit biases, as well as our own worldviews here; as editors, these three regions are where we have, between us, studied, taught and lived. This chapter explores what we perceive as a gap in the existing discourse: the relationship between devising and higher education in Canada and New Zealand.

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Fitzsimmons Frey, H., & Hyland N. (2024). Up Top/Down Low: Devising and Higher Education in Aotearoa New Zealand and Canada. In H. Fitzsimmons Frey, N. Hyland, & J. McKinnon (Eds.), Off Book: Devised Performance and Higher Education (Ch. 2, pp 25-41). Intellect, UK.



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