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The spectrum of intersectionality in the Arctic: from discrimination to diversity and inclusion

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Arctic, circumpolar peoples, diversity

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This first special issue of 2023 began with a call for papers that highlighted a key facet of the population often overlooked by outsiders to the Arctic—despite its relatively sparse overall numbers and low population density, the region is full of human diversity. This diversity exists within the inhabitants, both Indigenous and (im)migrant (whether temporary or permanent), rural and urban, and by sexual orientation, gender roles, class, and ethnicity, on multiple parameters. For this issue, we go beyond the borders of Siberia to examine some of those key factors and their impacts on the lives of neighboring circumpolar peoples in North America, Greenland, and Scandinavia as well, in order to better understand commonalities as well as divergences in the experiences of those living in northern regions.

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Ferguson, J., Abdel-Fattah, D., Friedrich, D., Lee, O., & Nikolaeva, S. (2023). The Spectrum of Intersectionality in the Arctic: From Discrimination to Diversity and Inclusion. sibirica, 22(1), 1-4.


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