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UNEF: the origins and realities of Canadian peacekeeping

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peacekeeping, Canada

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When the Trudeau government was elected in October 2015, it did not take long for government officials and political observers to announce that “Canada is back.” Launching a high- profile bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council, the prime minister announced: “we need to focus on what brings us together, not what divides us. For Canada that means re-engaging in global affairs through institutions like the UN. It doesn’t serve our interests – or the world’s to pretend we’re not deeply affected by what happens beyond our borders.”1 Peacekeeping was one of the ways in which Canada was to re-engage with the world, revitalizing the myth that peacekeeping is where Canada finds success on the world stage. But the reality behind the myth certainly questions the idea of “success.”

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Carroll, M. (2017). UNEF: The Origins and Realities of Canadian Peacekeeping. In H. G. Coombs, M. Deleuze, K. Brushett, & M. Doucet (Eds,), Peacekeeping: Perspectives Old and New, Martello Papers 46. Centre for International and Defense Policy (Ch. 2 pp. 61-76). Queen's University Press.



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