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Moving toward reconciliation: considerations in creating and re-evaluating an Indigenous resources policy

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Libraries, collections policies, Indigenous peoples

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Excerpt: Having agreed on the central importance of the Land Acknowledgement statement, an examination of our motivation, goals, and purpose was essential. Why even consider writing a separate policy? First, a unique and separate policy would bring to the forefront our commitment on this matter. It would highlight and remind us of the importance of collecting and curating materials by, for, and about Indigenous peoples in Canada. It was also one of the first MacEwan Library responses to a pivotal document produced by the Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA) in 2017, the Truth and Reconciliation Report and Recommendations. It contains a series of actions Canadian libraries can take to support Indigenous communities and library users. The report contains ten recommendations which were considered in crafting an early version of the Indigenous Resources Collections Policy.

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Stift, S., & Garstad R. (2022). Moving toward reconciliation: Considerations in creating and re-evaluating an Indigenous resources policy. In B. Bernhardt, L. Hinds, & L. Meyer (Eds.) The Charleston Conference Proceedings 2021, pp. 444-453. Charleston Information Group.


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