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    Educating the next generation of open scholars: approaches, tools, and tactics
    (2019) Hall, Robyn
    Those who teach and work with students at the undergraduate and graduate level can play an important role in shaping the future of scholarly communications. Drawing students’ attention to the myriad of ways that research and scholarship can be shared openly online can provide valuable opportunities for students to disseminate their own work, engage with the work of others, and develop copyright literacy and improved academic writing and communication skills. Additionally, exposing students to the socioeconomic processes that shape access to knowledge can influence how these budding academics approach scholarly activity and where they choose to publish in their future careers.
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    MacEwan University Library's experiences with Pressbooks
    (2022-03-02) Hall, Robyn
    Brief presentation detailing MacEwan University Library's initial experiences using Pressbooks software to support the MacEwan Open Books open textbook hosting service.
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    MacEwan's student work deposit form
    (2022-02-08) Hall, Robyn
    Brief overview of MacEwan University's institutional repository student deposit form workflow, and future directions for this service.
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    Blended learning versus face-to-face learning in an undergraduate nursing health assessment course: a quasi-experimental study
    (2021) Berga, Keri-Ann; Vadnais, Elisha; Nelson, Jody; Johnston, Sharon; Buro, Karen; Hu, Rui
    Background: Blended learning, which integrates face-to-face and online instruction, is increasingly being adopted. A gap remains in the literature related to blended learning, self-efficacy, knowledge and perceptions in undergraduate nursing. Objectives: To investigate outcomes of self-efficacy, knowledge and perceptions related to the implementation of a newly blended course. Design: This was a quasi-experimental pre-post test design. Setting: This study was conducted at an undergraduate university in Alberta, Canada. Participants: A total of 217 second-year undergraduate nursing students participated and 187 participants completed all study components. Methods: A convenience sampling method was used. Data were collected at the start and end of the semesters. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics using R(3.4.3) and R-Studio(1.1.423). Results: There were no significant differences in self-efficacy scores between groups or in the pre-post surveys (p > 0.100) over time. There was no significant difference in knowledge between the blended online and faceto- face groups (p > 0.100). For students in the blended course, perceptions of the online learning environment were positive. Conclusion: Blended learning has the potential to foster innovative and flexible learning opportunities. This study supports continued use and evaluation of blended learning as a pedagogical approach.
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    The promise and potential of open pedagogy
    (2021-12-09) Hall, Robyn
    This session will provide a short overview of ways that faculty can collaborate with and share student work online using a variety of open-source platforms supported by MacEwan Library. It will also include a short update on the Library’s evolving open textbook hosting service, MacEwan Open Books.