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    Unexplored territory: measuring self-efficacy, student knowledge and satisfaction in a blended health assessment in nursing course
    (2017) Berga, Keri Ann; Vadnais, Elisha; Nelson, Jody; Johnston, Sharon; Mitchell, Agnes; Hu, Rui; Olaiya, Bo
    Notable gaps exist within the literature on Blended Learning (BL) in undergraduate nursing curricula (McCutcheon et al., 2015), and research has suggested that newly developed BL modules should be tested repeatedly to identify differences and facilitate the development of effective BL in nursing education (Hsu & Hsieh, 2011). This current research further explores BL in the undergraduate nursing context, through a comparison of BL and traditional face-to-face learning in health assessment education.
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    Arctic science and technology information system
    (2021) Duffy, Jane
    ASTIS offers over 83,000 records that provide freely available access to publications, including research and research projects, about Canada’s north. This database is a product of the Arctic Institute of North America at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada which also maintains subsidiary regional, subject, and initiative-based databases. The subsidiary databases are all housed within and accessible through the main ASTIS database. Examples of the smaller databases include: ArcticNet Publications Database, the Nunavik Bibliography, and the Northern Granular Resources Bibliographic Database. ASTIS offers the ability to browse through its access points, including its own thesauri, thus permitting users to select and use a variety of free-text and controlled search terms.
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    The importance of being uncomfortable and unfinished
    (2022) Foster-Boucher, Caroline; Nelson, Jody; Bremner, Sydney; Maykut, Colleen
    Our initial intention was to outline the structure of an entity, the Bear Healing Lodge, within the Faculty of Nursing at MacEwan. This structure was created out of the Truth and Reconciliation’s Calls to Action. However, as we engaged in critical discussions we realized that who we were becoming as persons, as we unpacked out privilege and power, was invaluable and informative to prepare us for authentic allyship and partnership. We realized that outcomes and endings were not the end goals, but being uncomfortable and unfinished were necessary for the creation of an ethical space for members to engage in decolonization of self. Authentic allyship and partnership must fundamentally be relational, create a brave space for vulnerability, and stimulate a shift in paradigms for multiple perspectives. We have humbly offered learning intentions, as solution-oriented perspectives, for others to learn which may lead to positive change.
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    Educating the next generation of open scholars: approaches, tools, and tactics
    (2019) Hall, Robyn
    Those who teach and work with students at the undergraduate and graduate level can play an important role in shaping the future of scholarly communications. Drawing students’ attention to the myriad of ways that research and scholarship can be shared openly online can provide valuable opportunities for students to disseminate their own work, engage with the work of others, and develop copyright literacy and improved academic writing and communication skills. Additionally, exposing students to the socioeconomic processes that shape access to knowledge can influence how these budding academics approach scholarly activity and where they choose to publish in their future careers.
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    MacEwan University Library's experiences with Pressbooks
    (2022-03-02) Hall, Robyn
    Brief presentation detailing MacEwan University Library's initial experiences using Pressbooks software to support the MacEwan Open Books open textbook hosting service.