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Authentic and active: a pilot project to assess a large-scale information literacy program

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information literacy, assessment

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The dual goals of helping students achieve immediate success in their first year English class and developing a baseline set of IL skills and attitudes form the basis of MacEwan University Library’s English Library Instruction Program (ELIP). With more than 120 sessions offered each year, ELIP has become a sizable yet essential service offered by MacEwan University Library. While the resources, personnel and time needed to develop and administer ELIP at MacEwan are substantial, these needs are mitigated by the impact that this program may have on student ability to locate and evaluate information relevant to their courses. In January 2011, MacEwan University Library undertook a pilot project to begin measuring this impact. Informed by the assessment-for-learning theory, ELIP team members designed a pedagogical approach that included a learning tool to collect assessment data while providing an authentic and active learning experience for students. A rubric was then used to evaluate the learning tool and determine the extent of student learning. Join us as we discuss how we blended authentic IL assessment with fresh pedagogical approaches to demonstrate the effectiveness of our library’s largest instructional program. Preliminary results will be shared along with the tools you will need to deliver a similar program in your institution.

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Presented on May 25, 2012 at the Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU) Conference in Edmonton, AB.

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