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Seeking sustainability in the widening world of undergraduate journals

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undergraduate research, open access, publishing

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The rise of open access, locally-hosted undergraduate journals over the past few years has been significant, providing students with valuable opportunities to disseminate knowledge, and gain experience in academic publishing and peer review. These journals often tend to publish erratically, however, due in part to student-run editorial boards that experience frequent turnover given the nature of undergraduate commitments and time constraints. Drawing on recent initiatives at two Alberta universities, this session will highlight ways that library services in partnership with other campus partners can provide technical support, editorial guidance, and the infrastructure necessary to form communities of practice among and within student-led editorial boards to help create and maintain high-quality, sustainable open access student journals. Participants will also be asked to consider ways that the PKP community might come together to enhance support for such journals in line with publishing best practices and content discoverability.

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Presented August 4, 2017 at the PKP 2017 International Scholarly Publishing Conference in Montreal, Quebec.

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