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Hija del desengaño': Diana's life prior to Agustín Moreto's El desdén con el desdén

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comedy, feminists, feminism, El desden con el desden (Book), Agustín Moreto

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In this article I argue that, while Diana is central to the plot of Agustín Moreto’s comedy of 1694, her motivations and life preceding the start of El desdén con el desdén have been largely ignored by critics and practitioners alike. By looking at her interactions from start to finish, a pattern emerges that tells her backstory, one that is more complex than we first imagine. While Diana has often been discussed as a welleducated and intelligent character, a close reading of her dialogue demonstrates that she also rejects love as a result of her experience. This reading is in line with Moreto’s reputation as a more modern, proto-feminist dramaturg. It also gives contemporary audiences a portrayal to which they can relate more readily.

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Cowling, E. (2022) ‘Hija del desengaño’: Diana’s Life Prior to Agustín Moreto’s El desdén con el desdén”. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 99.3, 2022, pp. 225-38.


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